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Zyrus LP1200 R

The magnificent LP1200 is a true piece of art, combining innovative design, exquisite elegance and ultimate performance. This car is built to perform!

The LP1200 is based on a Lamborghini Supertrofeo chassis. Though some of the DNA from the original Huracán is still is retained, our version appears as something completely different and unique.

The body design is developed in-house and produced in prepreg carbon fibre with weight and strength in focus. The distinctive aero is also designed by our own engineers and is part of a system that generates more than 1200 kg. downforce. Brake discs and brake pads are produced in carbon carbon to achieve optimum braking performance. Also, more than 527 parts are redesigned.

The original Lamborghini engine is modified up to 1200hp and equipped with a truly unique twin turbo kit system on this track focused model.

Inconel manifolds, titanium exhaust system and brand new intake manifolds complements the finely tuned mechanisms. Our own electronic onboard systems makes this car faster than any other Lamborghini on the race track.

This car is built by people who dare to dream! Our intention was to build something that surpasses Lamborghini’s own standards. This we have achieved!

All modifications and redesigns are made in Norway by our team of proud engineers and designers.