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StimolanteLP1020 2

Zyrus LP1020 Stimolante


Oslo, Oct 27th, 2023

The Zyrus LP1020 Stimolante is a unique vehicle designed for drivers who seek unparalleled performance, style, and exclusivity in their automotive experiences. This hyper car, based on the Lamborghini Huracan EVO platform, has been specially developed into a formidable performance machine for those seeking an extraordinary driving experience on road and track. Two turbos significantly enhance the the already capable 5.2L V10 engine to produce a whopping 1090 available horsepower, with a track ready package, heavily upgraded chassis and suspension, the handling characteristics have been finely tuned to optimize grip and traction to make this car one of the fastest cars in the world that can be legally registered, insured and driven on the road due to its unique KÜS Technik GmbH certification.

Available in limited production, (24models) the Zyrus LP1020 is an exclusive and rare hypercar, appealing to enthusiasts and designed for a select group of buyers. With all carbon fiber flat floor, rear diffuser, front splitter, engine air vents and unique carbon wing, the aero and cooling is ingenuously crafted. Lightweight inconel is used for the exhaust system and titanium for the roll cage.

Since 2018, Norwegian firm Zyrus Engineering AS, has been developing and improving the already very capable Lamborghini Huracan platform. To put the theories to the test under the most extreme conditions possible, much of the testing has been done on International race tracks. With 30 National victories in GT1+ class and two NM Championship titles in ‘Racing NM, Norway’, there is little doubt that the recipe works. The last two seasons competition was delivered with the very special LP1200 all carbon prototype. The trailblazer LP1200 with 1200HP has been thoroughly tested on legendary racetracks such as Spa-Francorchamps and the Nürburgring Nordschleife, where it has shown potentially record-breaking lap times. In total, the LP1200 prototype has been pushed to the limit for a full 18,000 km on track, and it is this technology that you now find in the LP1020 Stimolante.

What distinguishes the Zyrus LP1020 Stimolante from other modified supercars is that this is the only one of its kind that is certified by KÜS Technik GmbH in Germany and is approved throughout the EU with its max HP 1090hp. Despite the extreme performance, the car meets all requirements for emissions (Euro 6), radiation (EMC) and noise level (dB). KÜS Technik GmbH has also certified chassis strength and all other modifications and upgrades such as suspension and aero.



Engine: 5.2l V10 Twin Turbo
Max power: 1090 hp / 997 Nm
Weight: 1592 kg
Ground pressure: 1300 kg / 240 km/h
Max speed: 9000 rpm
Top speed: 347 km/h

Engine power is controlled by a switch on the steering wheel.
Strada mode – 700HP
Sport mode – 850HP
Corsa mode – 1090HP
(requires entry of personal code
Combined fuel consumption: 15.8 litres / 100 km (NEDC)
Combined CO2 emissions: 357 g/km (NEDC)

Wheels & Tyres:

Front wheel: 9.5Jx19″ ET40 Pirelli Trofeo R 265/30R19
Rear wheel: 12.5Jx20″ ET40 Pirelli Trofeo R 335/30R20

Suspension: Öhlins TTX (4-way height-adjustable shock absorbers with
load cell and potentiometer that can be read via bespoke Smart Dash

Brakes: Carbon ceramic discs and pads with upgraded cooling via
electric fans

Aerodynamics: Carbon fiber front splitter, underplates and diffuser.
(tight floor) and carbon fiber spoiler which together provide over 1300
kg ground pressure at 240 km/h.


Seats: Lamborghini carbon fibre seats with custom-stitched design
Telemetry: Smart Dash data logging with two HD cameras to
easily analyse data after driving on the track.

Safety equipment:
6-point OMP seat belts
Titanium half roll cage
Fire extinguisher

Warranty / Service:

  • LP1020 Stimolante comes with a 3 year / 20,000 km warranty. The guarantee uniquely also applies to track driving.
  • Three service agreements are included in the warranty period. Intervals are agreed based on the customer’s individual needs.
  • A personal familiarization day at Rudskogen Motorsenter Circuit in Norway with Zyrus Engineering’s mechanics and development driver (recommended).

Fuel consumption combined 15.8 L / 100km ( NEDC ) CO2 – emissions combined 357 g/km ( NEDC )