ZYRUS limited edition Strada LP1200 breaks cover

Norway, June 15th 2022

Today marks a new chapter as we unveil our latest automotive masterpiece, the ZYRUS Strada LP1200. With the first car #001 currently in the final rebuild phase, soon to be delivered to its first customer in Europe.

Our ZYRUS LP1200 journey is bold and unconventional, building high-performance track focused machines that can be enjoyed equally on the road or the track, and that’s exactly what we have achieved with the new road going ZYRUS Strada LP1200-Twin Turbo.

Offered in limited production, only 9 cars will be built, and the first customer delivery is expected early July, with a second car in production and a third car due early next year.

The ZYRUS Strada LP1200 is based on the original DNA of the Lamborghini Huracán Evo. Each donor car is carefully disassembled and reimagined. With over 600 bespoke parts replaced, modified and strengthened, including all carbon fiber body panels, Öhlins TTX suspension, carbon ceramic disks and bespoke forged wheels, inconel manifold and titanium exhaust system. All carbon fiber production is strictly in-house with no compromise on quality, the Strada LP1200 makes a unique bold lifestyle statement.

The ZYRUS Strada LP1200 is designed to out-perform, as the ultimate performance machine, drivers can customise their car with varying options for trim and colour, the interior retains the daily drive functions such as air conditioning and entertainment / satnav systems. The seats are handstitched in leather with carbon back shell and optional race harnesses, with half roll cage installed.

Both ZYRUS LP1200 models, the ‘R’ track only and the new ‘Strada’ street model, boast a bespoke ZYRUS ‘twin-turbo’ engineering system. Both versions are developed and proven on track and re-built exclusively in Norway, developed for performance and track reliability.

Peaking at a 2 year milestone from the first render designs, and some four years from concept, our ZYRUS Engineering team have executed over 16,000 km of on track running with rigorous testing around the worlds best tracks.

The all new ZYRUS Strada LP1200 is based on the Lamborghini Huracán EVO RWD. This is the ultimate road car that can be driven like a race car with daily usability. With its unique electronic ‘Smart Dash’ control system, drivers can control the horsepower options via a smartphone app.

The weight, at 1287kg, is a fully road legal car, TUV approved, with all the standard safety features maintained, and 1800kg downforce at 240 kmph.

The starting price for the ZYRUS Strada LP1200 is €799,000 which includes the cost of the donor car, and includes a track day familiarization package with the team and engineers.

The ZYRUS LP1200 machines are proven to be both hyper-fast and reliable with over 16,000 km complete on legendary race tracks such as Spa-Francorchamps, with a 2:20m lap time on a track day and on the Nürburgring the car achieved a 6:48m full lap time also on a track day. Testing continued in hot weather at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi and Dubai Autodrome. Additionally, the car also campaigned two full race seasons in the Norwegian Extreme GT Championship, taking the overall Championship title in September 2020 and runner up in 2021.

ZYRUS customers can further avail the bespoke ‘Owner Driver Package’ with several options of logistical support, professional coaching, racing, private track events, track-side support, servicing options.