Zyrus LP1200 shows impressive times at Spa and Nürburgring

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Norway, Aug 14th 2020

ZYRUS Engineering has returned home to Norway with some positive data gathered from two of the worlds most iconic circuits as the team joined private supercar track days with Norwegian driver Fredrik Sørlie and UK’s LMP1 pro driver Oliver Webb.

Early Aug, the ZYRUS LP1200 R demonstrated its performance capability in true style on the Nürburgring, with an unexpected, but encouraging un-official time of 6:48.2s on a full lap of the Nordschleife, with Fredrik Sørlie at the wheel during a racecar track testing day.

The ZYRUS Lamborghini LP1200 V10 twin turbo, offers drivers a track spec or road legal option, bridging race prototypes with the speed of Hybrid machines. ZYRUS aims to be the ultimate road legal and track spec cars, offered in limited production commercially, to enthusiasts worldwide with tailored coaching and track day programmes for all its customers.

“We wanted to come here to the iconic Nürburgring to understand the car more and set our own benchmark for further development. The times were achieved on race car/supercar track days and with the usual respect to other drivers sharing the busy track, so that shows on the times we managed to achieve, we’d hope to go even faster if we had the track to ourselves. Overall I’m very happy with the car as it is now but we can always do better, we are on the right path with the data from the onboard systems and we look forward to returning again to these circuits to see where we can improve,“ commented driver Fredrik Sørlie.

Mid July the team spent a few days at Spa-Francorchamps to explore different tyres and aero packages. Fredrik Sørlie took the reins in the last few minutes of the track day and set a positive lap time of 2:20s on a drying track after earlier heavy rain downpour had halted proceedings.

All in all we had a very good trip to Spa and Nürburgring, commented Radni Molhampour, CEO, we had a lot of new aero we wanted to test and also three different brands of tyres and compounds to analyse, so we were wholly focused on this. It is nice to achieve a good lap time without pushing too much and we are confident on more progress as soon as we analyse our data and come back for more testing”.

This first prototype, full carbon version of the LP1200R is being developed as the high-performance track car, and has been put through its paces rigorously by the ZYRUS team, with over 4000km of faultless track testing now under its belt it has proven to be both super fast and reliable.

The ZYRUS LP1200 concept was bold, to build a high performance track spec car, and that’s exactly what has been achieved with the ZYRUS LP1200. By offering a road conversion this car can be driven on the road to the track by its customers .

Production of the V2 road version is already well underway with another unique design, focused more on the comfort and aesthetics of a Lamborghini Huracán, but retaining the 1200HP performance.

ZYRUS Team Photo at Spa -Image by - lars castelijns-DSC04736
1I1A4365 - Image by Mario Klemm